I’m a foodie who loves to write about food-related blogs; you can call me Lovefoodie.

There can be several types of experts: people who are experts at cooking; people who are experts at eating; and people who can criticize both good and bad food. There are also people who can be experts in one type of cuisine. To my mind, a person who critiques a product has only their own palate and can only give their own opinion about the product. So every food has its own taste.

A friend once asked me, “How do you become an expert foodie? Then I came up with the blogging idea mainly because I would love to talk to you about food, but I don’t find people who have a common interest. So I believe my food blog will help me to find more people like me. I’m planning to cover breakfast-related news and a blog section related to food. In this way, I can grab more fans.

Ps: I like all suggestions and criticism.