Friendly’s Breakfast Hours, Menu, Prices, & Best Dishes

Friendly’s Breakfast Hours & Menu: Are you looking for a delectable breakfast? Locate a Friendly’s restaurant near you. Friendly’s has some of the best breakfast offerings, making it one of the top places to eat breakfast. Do you know when Friendly’s serves breakfast and when they don’t? There’s no need to be concerned if you don’t know; we’re here to help. Read the article to learn more about Friendly’s Breakfast menu, times, and best dishes.

friendly's breakfast hours

Friendly’s Breakfast Hours

Friendly’s locations offer breakfast Monday through Sunday. Generally, from morning 8:00 am to 11:00 am. So, you have plenty of time to get ready before the lunch menu. However, some Friendly’s doesn’t offer breakfast at all. So call or use location finder on their official site and check when and what they serve for you. If you want a full breakfast, make sure to arrange it ahead of time.

Day Breakfast Opening Hours Breakfast Closing Hours
Monday 8.00 am 11:0 am
Tuesday 8.00 am 11:0 am
Wednesday 8.00 am 11:0 am
Thursday 8.00 am 11:0 am
Friday 8.00 am 11:0 am
Saturday 8.00 am 11:0 am
Sunday 8.00 am 11:0 am

Every day of the week, Friendly’s provides breakfast. Friendly’s breakfast hours, on the other hand, may vary based on location. During the holidays, the breakfast hours do not change significantly.


Friendly’s Breakfast Menu & Price

friendly's breakfast menu

The Friendly’s breakfast menu was expanded in the early 50s to include non-ice cream foods. Breakfast was a staple on the Friendly’s menu. Some Friendly’s locations will no longer offer breakfast. If so, customers will need to order a different meal altogether. In some areas, Friendly’s still provides a full breakfast menu. Here are some breakfasts to make your next Friendly’s visit a memorable one.

Friendly’s Breakfast

Breakfast Price
New! Meat Lover’s Breakfast Bowl $10.66
Bacon Egg & Cheese SuperMelt $9.34
Big-Two-Do® Breakfast $8.79
New! Breakfast Sliders $9.99
Brioche French Toast $9.89
Meat Lover’s Omelette $10.66
Garden Vegetable Omelette $10.66
Philly Steak & Cheese Omelets $10.66
New! Philly Steak & Cheese Wrap $10.66
New! B.E.L.T. $9.34
Lumberjack Breakfast™† $10.99
New! Blueberry Muffin-Top Pancakes $10.99
Buttermilk Pancakes $9.89
Ham & Cheese Omelette $10.66


Friendly’s Breakfast Sides

Breakfast Sides Price
Golden Home Fries +$2.52
Grilled Potatoes w/onions & peppers +$2.52
Applewood – Smoked Bacon +$3.29
Homestyle Biscuit +$2.74
Bagel and Cream Cheese +$3.07
Plain Bagel +$2.63
Sausage links +$3.29
Egg +$1.59
Toast W/Jelly +$2.52
English Muffin +$2.52
Breakfast Ham +$3.29
Hard-Boiled Egg +$1.59


Friendly’s Beverages

Beverages Price
Original Fribble® Milk Shake – Large +$6.59
Original Fribble® Milk Shake – Medium +$5.49
Lemonade +$3.29
Iced Coffee +$2.59
Milk +$1.79
Fantastic Floats $5.49
Cold Beverages +$3.29
Iced Tea (Unsweetened) +$3.29
Hot Beverages +$1.49
Juice +$2.29


Best Friendly’s Breakfast Dishes

Whether you’re in the mood for a sit-down breakfast or you’re looking for a quick meal to go, this fast-food restaurant is sure to please any palate. You can order the Meat Lover’s Breakfast Bowl, which is a combination of 2 eggs†, with Applewood-smoked bacon, sausage, ham, and home fries with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese. Those who prefer something refreshing then you can order the Big-Two-Do® Breakfast, Bacon Egg & Cheese SuperMelt, Lumberjack Breakfast™†, New! Blueberry Muffin-Top Pancakes or New! Philly Steak & Cheese Wrap. Those are the best options the breakfast.

You can also add some side dishes along with your main courses, such as Golden Home Fries, Grilled Potatoes w/onions & peppers, Applewood – Smoked Bacon, Homestyle Biscuit, Bagel, and Cream Cheese, etc. For Beverages, you can pick one of your preferences.

Value for Money

If you’re looking for a value-for-money breakfast spot, Friendly’s is the place for you. Breakfast is available at Friendly’s during morning hours. From $1.59 eggs to $10.99 Lumberjack Breakfast™†.Friendly’s offers something for every appetite. It has a diverse variety of delectable breakfast options. All of them taste good, and the prices are really reasonable. At Friendly’s, you have to spend a minimum of $8.79 for a tasty, healthy breakfast. The dishes with omelets are the perfect start to any day and are available at $10.66. Different types of side dishes and beverages are extremely worth the money.

The average price will be $10, but what items are worth the price?. Buttermilk Pancakes, New! Meat Lover’s Breakfast Bowl and Big-Two-Do® Breakfast are some of the Friendly’s value-for-money breakfast items on the menu.


Friendly’s Main Menu

If you’re looking for classic American foods rather than breakfast, consider checking their full menu. This chain serves Lunch & Dinner. Its menu also features Starters & Soups, Burgers, Entrees, Sandwiches, SuperMelts, Salads, and Pasta. Friendly’s also has a Kids and ice cream menu for your children. A group or families can opt Catering/Family Meals menu. Friendly’s has something for everyone’s appetite. So go to a Friendly’s family restaurant near you right now to fulfill your hunger.


About Friendly’s

Friendly’s is known for trademark dishes, burgers, sandwiches, and hand-crafted specialty ice cream treats. Friendly’s has serviced its customers since 1935. Now, Friendly’s has more than 10000 staff working in the United States with 130 different locations under Amici Partners Group LLC. Friendly’s Restaurants is planning to introduce fresh and inventive culinary and ice cream choices and bright new restaurants, and unique ways to reach and please guests in the future.


Friendly’s Contact Info

1855 Boston Road
Wilbraham, MA 01095

Contact Page: talktofriendlys.smg.com

Telephone Number: (413) 543-2400



Friendly’s breakfast hours and the menu is based on the location. Each location serves breakfast only at a certain time of the day. Some might not serve at all. As a result, you should contact the representatives at your local eateries to inquire about their particular breakfast and lunch hours. It’s also worth asking about holidays too because holiday schedules differ by region.

We hope you like our Friendly’s restaurant review for you! And you can enjoy your future visit!. Please share your opinion about Friendly’s breakfast menu in the comment section.

Friendly’s Breakfast FAQ

Does Friendly’s serve breakfast?

Yes. Regardless of your age, Friendly’s offers a wide variety of classic American comfort meals in many locations. However, there are some Friendly’s doesn’t offer breakfast. Therefore, it’s important to check your local Friendly’s before visiting.

How much is Friendly’s breakfast?

Friendly’s offers a variety of options for a complete breakfast. The prices range from $8.79 to $10.66. Various side dishes and beverages are available for an extra amount.

Does Friendly’s serve breakfast all day?

Friendly’s doesn’t serve breakfast all day. As with many other chains, Friendly’s has varied opening and closing hours for breakfast, and breakfast may differ at different times. Nevertheless, the majority of locations offer the same menu and breakfast hours. However, the world’s friendliest restaurant chain provides French toast and pancakes all day, every day.

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