Hometown Breakfast Hours, Menu, Prices, & Best Dishes

Hometown Breakfast Hours & Menu: If you’re looking for a quick breakfast served with a smile, you’ve come to the perfect place. In a buzzy contemporary setting, Hometown Breakfast Bar & Grill serves classic homestyle diner fare. This cozy spot also has an extensive bar featuring a selection of tap beers. The Hometown Breakfast menu features a variety of breakfast specialties. You can choose from a range of breakfast options at Hometown Breakfast, Bar & Grill.

Hometown Breakfast, Bar & Grill’s Customers commonly inquire about the start and end times of breakfast sales. This article will cover everything you need to know regarding the Hometown breakfast hours, menu, and key details, so keep reading.

Hometown breakfast

Hometown Breakfast Hours

The Hometown Breakfast, Bar & Grill offers a variety of foods to get your day started. They are renowned for serving delectable breakfast foods. Breakfast is offered at the Hometown restaurant from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Since the eatery provides a welcoming place to get a bite to eat, it is frequently busy. Mondays are the only day the restaurant is closed.

Additional details are provided in the table below.

Day Breakfast Opening Hours Breakfast Closing Hours
Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday 8:00 am 2:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am 2:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 2:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am 2:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am 2:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am 2:00 pm


Hometown Breakfast Menu & Price

Hometown breakfast menu & hours

If you are in the mood for a hearty breakfast and a tasty drink, you should check out the Hometown Breakfast Bar & Grill menu. You will find many tempting options here at reasonable prices. In addition to great food and great prices, the good atmosphere and fine decor will make you feel good. The average Google review score is 4.4, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands here.

Consider visiting the Hometown if you’re on a strict schedule. You can choose from several delicious breakfasts to fill you up and keep you going throughout the day. Try a few of these delectable delicacies if you want to experience the breakfast tradition.

The table below contains more information on the Hometown breakfast menu and price at the Hometown.

Breakfast Favorites

 Breakfast Favorites Price
The Lumberjack $11.49
Fresh From The Farm $10.49
Cream Chipped Beef (SOS) $7.99
Pop Pop’s Pancakes $9.99
Grandma’s French Toast $9.99
Egg & Cheese Croissant $6.99
Two Eggs Any Style $5.99
Breakfast Burrito $9.99
Belly Buster $10.99
Avocado Toast $10.49


Benedicts Price
Classic Eggs Benedict $9.99
Sausage Benedict $9.99
Double Bacon Benedict $10.99
Carnita Benedict $10.99


Omelets Price
Meat Lovers’ $9.99
Tommy $9.99
Garden $8.99
Western $8.99
Sausage and Cheddar $8.99
Ham and Cheese $8.99
Mushroom Swiss $8.99
Florentine $9.99
Carnita $9.99
Greek $9.99


From the Griddle Price
French Toast $5.49 /5.99
Buttermilk Pancakes $5.49 /5.99
Stuffed French Toast $6.99 /7.49
Raisin French Toast $6.99 /7.49


Hometown Breakfast Sides

Breakfast Sides Price
Cup of Grits $2.99
Cup of Grits with Cheese $3.99
Three Strips Bacon $3.49
Two Sausage Patties $3.49
Four Sausage Links $3.49
Two Slices Pork Roll $3.49
Three Slices Canadian Bacon $3.49
Home Fries $2.99
Steamed Broccoli $2.99
Fruit Cup $2.99
1/2 Avocado $1.50


Hometown Kid’s Breakfast

Kid’s Breakfast Price
French Toast and Egg $5.99
Pancake and Egg $5.99
Homefries and Egg $5.99



Beverages Price
Coffee/Decaf $ 2.79
Hot Tea, Various Herbal Teas $ 2.79
Juices: Apple, Orange, Tomato, Cranberry, Pineapple $ 2.49/2.99
Hot Chocolate $ 2.49
Milk Or Chocolate Milk $ 2.29/2.79
Iced Tea Or Lemonade $ 2.79


Bar Price
Bloody Mary $7
Bacon Mary $8
Mimosa $7
Orange Crush $8
Peach Bellini $8
Mango Mojito $7
Bahama Mama $7
Raspberry Mule $8
Irish Coffee $7.5


Best Hometown Breakfast Dishes

You can find some of Breinigsville’s best breakfast dishes at the Hometown. This casual eatery is a great place for breakfast if you want a break from the ordinary routine. The Hometown Breakfast, Bar & Grill offer a wide choice of burritos, omelets, Lumberjack, and other breakfast items on their extensive menu. Even fresh, portable baked products are available for your journeys. It won’t be difficult for you to choose breakfast at the Hometown restaurant.

You’ll find something to fit your tastes, whether traveling for work or an outing. It’s challenging to pick just one flavor of Breakfast Benedict due to the variety available. So our option will be normal classic Benedict. If you have a smaller appetite, you can choose from a variety of Omelettes, such as Tommy, garden, or western. Additionally, there are kid-friendly menu options, including French toast, pancakes, and home fries, all of which come with eggs.

If you want to try their signature breakfast? Then go for buttermilk pancake, which is come with Signature Buttermilk Pancakes prepared fresh from scratch. And Add-ons are Banana, Glazed Strawberries, Blueberries, Walnuts, or Chocolate Chip.

Drinks are something you can choose accordingly. You’ll find some unexpected and delicious dishes on the menu that makes you happy.

Value for Money

Hometown is an excellent spot to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their food is delicious, and you can get a lot for your money, which makes them a great choice for people on a budget. Each meal is prepared by Hometown using high-quality fresh ingredients to ensure the best flavor and satisfy both your appetite and taste sensations. The menu prices are reasonable compared to other surrounding restaurants, providing good value for the money.

Starting at 5.99, the Breakfast Favorites are offered. It can reach 11.49. Egg & cheese croissant only costs $6.99, Two eggs in any style cost $5.99, Sausage and Cheddar cost 8.99$, and there are many dishes that are cost-effective when compared to other famous restaurants nearby.

Their signature buttermilk pancake only costs $5.99, which makes buttermilk pancakes famous among locals. Overall you will be happy with what you get for the price.

Hometown Main Menu

In addition to delicious breakfast, the restaurant also offers a variety of lunch and dinner dishes. With its full menu available all day, Hometown restaurant-In is a well-liked partner in the fast food market. The eatery is renowned for its meals that are lower in calories and fat. It provides savory and wholesome meals so that you can arrange to have a whole meal uninterrupted.

Customers enjoy Hometown’s extensive selection of cuisine, which includes everything from starters, sandwiches, salads, soup, chicken, seafood items, and burgers to frozen desserts and exciting sides. The menu offers a unique variety of items giving it a thoroughly traditional American flavor. There are a lot more items that might be offered; to procure the complete menu for a given day, get in touch with the Hometown Breakfast, Bar & Grill.


About Hometown Breakfast, Bar & Grill

The Hometown Breakfast, Bar & Grill is located at 8732 Hamilton Blvd. in Breinigsville, which serves wonderful, freshly prepared food at the restaurant. They are proud of their excellent customer service, delectable family-friendly dishes, and welcoming environment. Your every need will be met by their polite management and personnel. The restaurant serves seafood, BBQ, breakfast, brunch, burgers, classic American dishes, and more.


Hometown Contact Details

Contact Page: hometownbbg.com/contact

Phone: (610) 395-7316

Mail Address:
The Hometown Breakfast, Bar & Grille,
8732 Hamilton Blvd,
Breinigsville, PA

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If you’re in the mood for a tasty breakfast, you can head to Hometown Breakfast Bar & Grill. This eatery has an extensive menu of delicious dishes and reasonable prices. The Hometown Breakfast menu and hours listed above are in an easy-to-understand format. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and co-workers if you like it. Please feel free to remark if you have any questions at Breakfasthours.net.

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Hometown Breakfast FAQ

Does your Hometown have kids’ breakfast?

Yes, Hometown restaurants also provide a kid’s menu, which comprises French toast and egg, Pancake and egg, and Homefries and egg.

How much is Hometown the Lumberjack?

The dish lumberjack costs only $11.49. It is a delicious dish and is an ideal way to start the day.

What’s in Hometown lumberjack?

Hometown’s Lumberjack is the combination of a Pork Roll, two Sausage links, one Pancake, two Bacon strips, one slice of French Toast, two eggs, and home fries.

Does Hometown have breakfast pancakes?

Yes, Hometown is famous for its buttermilk pancakes which cost $5.99 and contain fresh buttermilk pancakes. And, Add-ons: Banana, Glazed Strawberries, Blueberries, Walnuts, or Chocolate Chip.

Does Hometown have breakfast burritos?

Yes, Hometown serves breakfast burritos for its customers. It has scrambled eggs, onions, diced sausage, bell peppers, cheddar jack cheese, chipotle mayo, and home fries.

How much are breakfast burritos at Hometown?

Hometown has breakfast burritos, and it is also a popular breakfast dish on its menu. Which only cost $9.99.




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