Borgata Breakfast Hours, Menu, Prices, & Best Dishes

Borgata Breakfast Hours & Menu: Despite being a well-known hotel, Borgata has much more to entice guests. Whatever your taste, you can find something to eat at one of the many restaurants in the Borgata that will make you happy. Whether you’re seeking a five-star fine dining experience or simply want to pick up something delectable from the bakery, Borgata is the best option. The chefs create each meal to the greatest standards. Let’s find out what’s on the Borgata Breakfast menu by taking a tour of some of Borgata’s top eateries.

borgata breakfast buffet hours

Borgata Breakfast Buffet

Borgata Breakfast Buffet Hours

With spreads for breakfast, lunch, and supper, the luxurious buffet provides alternatives to suit your appetites at any time of the day. Assorted pasta options, comfort foods, Asian cuisines, fresh seafood, carving stations, irresistible desserts, and more are available at the Borgata Buffet. Morning Borgata breakfast Buffet is the one thing you should try during your stay. The following are the Borgata breakfast Buffet hours:

Day Breakfast Opening hours Breakfast Closing hours
Monday 8:00 am 11:15 am
Tuesday 8:00 am 11:15 am
Wednesday closed closed
Thursday closed closed
Friday 8:00 am 11:15 am
Saturday 8:00 am 11:15 am
Sunday 8:00 am 2:00 pm

Borgata Buffet restaurants are closed on Wednesday and Thursday. On Sundays, the breakfast menu will be open from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. On the remaining days, the Borgata breakfast Buffet hours start at 8:00 am and end at 11:15 am.

Borgata Breakfast Buffet Menu

borgata breakfast buffet

The Borgata breakfast Buffet menu features a variety of continental dishes, freshly caught seafood, Asian cuisine, carving stations, and sweets, such as pancakes and egg dishes, and many more. The Borgata breakfast buffet is available for $20.99.

These are a few breakfast buffet items from the list; you can witness more on the Borgata buffet while your visit.

Breakfast Buffet Items
Eggs Benedict Bacon
Pancakes Fresh fruits
Egg dishes Waffles
Omelet Bar Coffee
Hand carved ham Tea

Borgata Buffet breakfast menu is unique with seasonal, fresh ingredients. You can expect something new on your every visit. Cooked breakfast items are also a part of this breakfast buffet; a made-to-order omelet bar, ham and bacon, eggs, and more are some examples. Additionally, there are a lot of traditional options, including old-fashioned pancakes and waffles, freshly baked pastries, and fresh fruit. There is a selection of hot and cold beverages also available on their breakfast buffet menu.

Best Borgata Breakfast Buffet Dishes

The Borgata Breakfast Buffet offers breakfast each morning to all of its visitors. Pancakes and bacon are one of the greatest dishes you may have, along with your preferred beverage. Or, you can try the delicious waffles and eggs that are cooked to order. They also have cereal options and made-to-order omelets. These are the best dishes you should try. Additionally, you also can find vegan and veg breakfast items. And The breakfast buffet only costs $20.99 per person, which is justifiable.


The Metropolitan Restaurants

The Metropolitan Breakfast Hours

The Metropolitan improves Borgata’s casual eating, so you don’t have to give up flavor for practicality. The Metropolitan has something for everyone, regardless of budget, by combining modern and traditional American meals, including breakfast favorites, specialty salads, sandwiches, and burgers, as well as Metro Favorites. The below table tells you about breakfast hours.

Day Breakfast Opening Time Breakfast Closing Time
Monday closed closed
Tuesday closed closed
Wednesday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am 10:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am 10:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am 9:00 pm

Tuesday and Monday are off days for the Borgata Metropolitan eateries. The breakfast menu will be available from 7:00 am on Sundays and Saturdays. On the other days, breakfast service is available from 8:00 am. So you can expect an all-day breakfast here. However, all items may not be available all day.

The Metropolitan Breakfast Menu

Visit the Metropolitan restaurant in the Borgata for a particularly special breakfast. The restaurant offers a large selection of traditional American meals on its comprehensive menu. A variety of pastries, coffee, and hot beverages are available for guests to pick from. Whatever your cravings, the Metropolitan has something to satisfy them. You can have a delicious breakfast there.

Healthy Starts Price($)
Steel-Cut Oatmeal $7
Lox’ N Bagel $18.5
Farro & Egg Bowl $12
Yogurt & Granola $7
Fresh Fruit Plate $13


Eggs Price($)
Two Jumbo Eggs Any Style $10
Choice Of Breakfast Meat $4
Build Your Own Omelet $14


Specialties Price($)
Breakfast Sandwich $13
Classic Benedict $14.5
Steak & Eggs $24


From The Griddle Price($)
Buttermilk Pancakes $11
The Metro $14
Breakfast Bread $4
Cereal $5
From The Bake Shop $5
Sides $4


Beverages Price($)
Freshly Brewed Coffee $3.75
Cappuccino | Espresso $5
Hot Tea $3
Mighty Leaf Teas $4
Hot Chocolate $4
Orange | Pineapple $4.5
Apple | Cranberry $4.5
Grapefruit | Tomato $4.5
Lemonade $4.75
Iced Tea $4
Fountain Drinks $4
Fiji | Evian | S.Pellegrino $4/6
Red Bull | Energy Or Sugarfree $5

*All prices do not include sales tax.

Best Metropolitan Breakfast Dishes

The Breakfast Sandwich is a popular Specialities dish on the Metropolitan menu. It comes with Two Eggs, a Choice of Meat, American Cheese, and a Croissant and costs $13. While The build-your omelet eggs are something that is customizable, depending on your preference, Three Jumbo Eggs and Egg Whites or Egg Beaters with a Choice of Three Add-ons from Bacon, Sausage, Onions, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomato, Black Olives, Cheddar Cheese, American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Feta Cheese or Ham. This cost $14 plus some additional dollar depending on your choice from the add-ons; it is a good choice for vegetarians.

Steel-cut oatmeal and fresh fruit plate are the best breakfast choices for vegans, costing $7 and $13, respectively. Overall you can find a good breakfast here, and it starts from $4 onwards. Check the breakfast menu table before ordering.


Bread + Butter Cafe

Bread + Butter Cafe Breakfast Hours

Their selection of breakfast essentials, all-American favorites including corned beef, grilled cheese, tuna, and chicken salad sandwiches, as well as a range of delectable desserts, are sure to satisfy your cravings whether you need fuel before hitting the floor or a nibble after the last call. Bread+butter cafe is open 24 hours and serves an all-day breakfast menu.

Day Breakfast Hours
Monday 24 hr
Tuesday Opening time 12am–2pm, and 10pm–12am
Wednesday 24 hr
Thursday 24 hr
Friday 24 hr
Saturday 24 hr
Sunday 24 hr

Borgata Bread + Butter café is open 24 hours, almost all day; except Tuesday, they will close from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm. In simple words, the opening time is from 12 am to 2 pm, and 10 pm to 12 am, so make sure you check here and verify before booking your stay.

Bread + Butter Café Breakfast Menu

The range of cheese, toast, muffins, pastries selections, and many more are offered at Bread+Butter café. And this café serves all-day breakfast 24×7, which is the chain’s main highlight of Bread+Butter. Keep in mind that pricing can change seasonally. For the most up-to-date pricing and menu information, speak with the restaurant directly.

The menu below lists every breakfast item that is currently available.

All Day Breakfast Price($)
 Egg Sandwich $7.50
Bacon & Egg $8.50
Sausage (pork or turkey) & Egg $8
Waffles Made to Order $12
Brioche French Toast $12
Slathered Hot Muffins $4
Bagel $4
Oatmeal $5


Breakfast Pastries Price($)
Coffee crumb cake $6
Cream Cheese Nutella Pocket $6
Danish $5


Croissant Corner Price($)
Almond Croissant $5.00
Buttery Stuffed Croissant $5.00
Chocolate Croissant $5.00


Griddle Grilled Cheese Price($)
The Classic $9
Wiggly Bacon & Cheese $11
Monte Cristo $14
Tuna Melt $12
Tommy Goat $12
Turkey Swiss $12
Ham & G $12


Salads and Fruits Price($)
Fresh fruit plate $8
Grilled Chicken Ceasar $12
Garden Salad $12


Desserts Price($)
Big Time Cakes by the Slice $6
Lucky Cookies $3
Seasonal Desserts $6


Beverages Price($)
Lavazza Coffee $2.50/3
Cappuccino Cafe Latte $4.00/5.00
Espresso $3.50/4.50
Hot Chocolate $3.50/4
Iced LaVazza Coffee $4
Mighty Leaf Hot Teas $3
Assorted Soda $3
Bottled water $3.50
Orange juice / Lemonade $4
Coors Light $7
Amstel/Heineken $7
Wine $7


Best Bread + Butter Cafe Breakfast Dishes

One of the most important places to get a 24-hour breakfast is Bread+Butter café at Borgata, which offers a distinctive range of delectable and wholesome breakfast each day. They offer a selection of morning foods, including croissants, sandwiches, breakfast pastries, and many more.

You might get a little confused with the menu, mainly because of the all-day menu. So if you want to eat a light morning breakfast, go with Oatmeal or Bagel; they cost $5 and $4, respectively. For heavy breakfast, go for Egg Sandwich, Bacon & Egg, or Sausage (pork or turkey) & Egg, and prices are $7.50, $8.50, and $8.00. If you are a person who likes sweets in the morning, you can try anything from their Breakfast Pastries section.

Even if you are vegan or vegetarian, you can find something that suits you well. Go and check the above table to know more about them.

About Borgata

Borgata is a famous hotel In Atlantic City, New Jersey, the United States. Vici Properties is the owner, and MGM Resorts International is the management company. This hotel is the biggest in New Jersey, with 2,798 rooms, which debuted in July 2003.


Borgata Contact Info

Mail Address:
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
1 Borgata Way,
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Contact Page: mgm.formstack.com/forms/borgata_contact_us

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone Number: 609.317.1000

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Breakfast options are excellent at Borgata. The restaurant has a look that is significant to a classic European bistro. The Borgata breakfast menu at The Metropolitan and Bread+ Butter offers a variety of items that will suit every palate. There is something for everyone on the breakfast buffet at the Borgata Buffet, even though it may not be as varied as the Metropolitan and Bread+ Butter.

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Borgata Breakfast FAQ

Does Borgata serve a breakfast buffet every day?

Borgata Breakfast buffet is unavailable every day. On Wednesday and Thursday, they won’t serve breakfast Buffets. The remaining days, they will. To know about the Borgata breakfast buffet hours, you can check the above table.

Does Borgata’s Bread + Butter café offer 24-hour breakfast?

Borgata’s Bread + Butter cafe serves breakfast 24 hours. But on Tuesday, it is closed from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Every Tuesday the opening time is from 12 am to 2 pm, and 10 pm to 12 am. However, the full menu is available after 11 am in morning.

How much does the Borgata breakfast buffet cost?

Borgata serves a breakfast buffet in the morning. And  Borgata Breakfast buffet costs about $20.99.

Does Borgata offer breakfast buffet coupons?

Borgata runs many offers as a part of their promotion. Sometimes, they have breakfast buffet coupons and other discount coupons for clients. So you can ask them about discounts while you are booking your stay.

Does Borgata’s Metropolitan offer sandwiches for breakfast?

Yes, Borgata’s Metropolitan offers breakfast sandwiches; you can expect an Egg Sandwich from Metropolitan, which costs $13.


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