White Castle Breakfast Hours, Menu, Prices, & Best Dishes

White Castle Breakfast Hours & Menu:  If you’re looking for information on White Castle Breakfast, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve covered the White Castle Breakfast hours, menu, and contact info for this chain of American restaurants.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the White Castle Breakfast menu, keep reading! We’ve also included a quick review of the White Castle Breakfast experience, including some of our favorite things! We hope you enjoy your visit! The next time you’re craving a delicious breakfast, consider stopping by for a tasty meal.

white castle breakfast hours

White Castle Breakfast Hours

One of the rare fast-food establishments that continue to serve its breakfast menu All Day is White Castle. You can pick up your favorite White Castle breakfast menu at most times of the day, thanks to the long breakfast times. You can place an order from the White Castle menu at any time, including breakfast items around lunchtime.

Check the current White Castle breakfast hours schedule:

Day Opening / Closing Hours
Monday 24 Hours
Tuesday 24 Hours
Wednesday 24 Hours
Thursday 24 Hours
Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 24 Hours
Sunday 24 Hours

The hours for breakfast at White Castle vary slightly depending on your location, but most places are open 24 hours. Some may start at 8 or 9 am and close at midnight. To find out what time they are serving breakfast, you can call the restaurant directly or use the White Castle locator feature on the official website.


White Castle Breakfast Menu & Prices

white castle breakfast menu

Breakfast Slider, Waffles, and sandwiches are the most common available breakfast items on morning breakfast at White Castle. Their delicious and satisfying breakfast has many advantages. They’re affordable, and most locations offer breakfast all day long. You’re sure to find something tasty. It’s hard to beat these foods. This breakfast selection allows you to meet your daily needs for vitamins and minerals. There are some important questions that might come to your mind, like price, value for money, and best dishes. Let’s look into the White Castle Breakfast Menu items. Then we will give you other details.

Breakfast Price
Sausage Breakfast Slider $2.69
Bacon Breakfast Slider $2.09
Bun, Egg, and Cheese Slider $1.89
Chicken and Waffle Slider $3.09
Belgian Waffle Sausage Slider $2.69
Belgian Waffle Bacon Slider $2.69
Mini Belgian Waffles $2.09
Sausage Toast Sandwich $2.19
Bacon Toast Sandwich $2.19
Original Slider With Egg And Cheese $2.09
Small Hash Brown Nibblers $1.79

*Price might change with location and add-ons.

White Castle Breakfast Combos

Breakfast Combos Price
Breakfast Slider Combo $4.87
Belgian Waffle Slider Combo $5.47
2 Breakfast Sliders Combo $6.96
Breakfast Toast Sandwich Combo $4.97
2 Breakfast Toast Sandwich Combo $7.16
Original Slider With Egg And American Cheese Combo $7.56

*Price might change with location and add-ons.

White Castle Drinks

Drinks Price
Strawberry Banana Smoothie $3.19
Small coke $2.19
Small Diet coke $2.19
Small Sprite $2.19
Small Orange Soda $2.19
Small fruit punch $2.19
Small root beer $2.19
Small coke zero $2.19
Small cherry coke $2.19
Small lemonade $2.19
Small light lemonade $2.19
Small mellow yellow $2.19
Small Dr. Pepper $2.19
Small Diet Dr Pepper $2.19
Small Fanta Craver Party Punch $2.19
Small Fuze $2.19
Small Fuze Zero $2.19
Small Coffee $. 99
Decaf Coffee $. 99
Hot Chocolate $1.29
Monster Energy $2.79
Spring Water 16.9 Ounces $1.59
Simply Orange $1.99
Small Chocolate Shake $2.89
Milk 8 Ounces $1.49
Apple Juice $1.49

*Price might change with location.

Best White Castle Breakfast Dishes

Despite the name, White Castle serves breakfast all day long. The menu features sliders, sandwiches, waffles, and many more. Although the selection is not as extensive as other fast-food chains, the breakfast menu at White Castle is still very popular and filling.

Breakfast at White Castle is served from early in the morning to night. Unquestionably, the White castle is among your best selections if you’re seeking a wonderful place to eat breakfast. The new White Castle breakfast menu is sure to please both the early risers and the late-nighters alike. A variety of new items have been introduced this year, such as the Belgian Waffle Bacon Slider. This breakfast slider features jalapeno cheese too. Several other alternatives are available such as American and Smoked Cheddar cheese, for a fun way to start your day.

In addition to breakfast sliders, the menu also offers several special Breakfast Toast Sandwich, their sandwiches: a freshly cracked egg, savory sausage or hickory-smoked bacon, and your choice of American, Jalapeno, or Smoked Cheddar cheese, all between slices of freshly-toasted wheat bread. However, the fact that they use premium ingredients sets theirs different.

Their breakfast slider and sandwiches are the most popular items on their breakfast menu, and White Castle breakfast combos make breakfast more pleasing. In general, they have something for everyone.

Value for Money

A White Castle breakfast may be just the thing you need. They are affordable, and most locations offer breakfast all day long. A close examination of the morning menu will demonstrate how cost-effective White Castle is. You’ll discover something you like that is also within your price range. Breakfast at the White Castle menu starts at $1.89, which is less expensive than any restaurant. The famous white castle sliders are a great way to start the day! And Priced under $3. Breakfast sandwiches cost $2.19, which is also a great choice for the budget.

As we all know, combos are always the best value for money; if you take a look at what we get from combo, then you will clearly understand how affordable it is. Combo prices might vary with items of your choice, so you can expect a few cents more or less from the above table.


White Castle Main Menu

The White Castle menu has selections to satisfy even the biggest appetites. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert and drink menus are just a few of the options available on the menu. White Castle is the best option if you don’t want to spend extra money on food.

On its White Castle Menu, they serve you the best foods, such as its breakfast, iconic square, milkshakes, small hamburgers, soft drinks, and French fries.


About White Castle

With 377 sites spread over 13 states, White Castle can be found most frequently in the areas of the New York metro and Midwest. After debuting on September 13, 1921, in Wichita, Kansas, it has long been recognized as the world’s first fast-food hamburger business. White Castle is well-known for its little square hamburgers called ‘Sliders.’ Currently, 10000 more employees are working under the white castle, and the company has US$ 720.6 million worth of revenue.


White Castle Contact Info

Office Address:
555 Edgar Waldo Way,
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Telephone: 1 (800) 843-2728

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A taste of the food awaits you when you visit the White Castle! Enjoy a tasty, affordable meal with friends or family! In summary, White Castle is a fantastic place to eat breakfast. They offer a wide range of slider settings that are suitable for every time of day. Although they are typically open around the clock in most places, White Castle breakfast hours vary based on the location.

White Castle Breakfast FAQ

Does White Castle serve breakfast all day?

White Castle serves breakfast all day. This implies that you can visit at any time and place a breakfast order.

What is in the White Castle breakfast sandwich?

You can find 2 different sandwiches on White Castle breakfast. One is the Sausage Toast Sandwich, which is made of a freshly cracked egg, your choice of American, Jalapeno, or Smoked Cheddar cheese, and sausage sandwiched between freshly toasted wheat bread. The second one is Bacon Toast Sandwich, the same, but instead of sausage, it is replaced with Hickory-smoked bacon.

Does White Castle serve sliders for breakfast?

Yes. White Castle offers a slider option for breakfast. To produce a crave-worthy breakfast slider, they added Freshly cracked egg with smoked bacon or savory sausage, with added jalapeno or Smoked Cheddar or American cheese, then a bun topped between them.

A White Castle breakfast slider contains how many calories?

The breakfast slider is a great choice for those on a diet. This contains 140 to 350 calories and a few grams of fat. You can enjoy a White Castle Breakfast slider at any time of the day, as long as you choose a lower-calorie option.

How many calories are in a White Castle bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich?

The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich doesn’t have a lot of fat compared to other sandwiches but does contain 380 calories in White Castle. These amounts are ideal for a busy person’s diet, but they should keep in mind that many sandwiches are not vegetarian-friendly.

How many calories are in a sausage, egg, and cheese White Castle sandwich?

The sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich only contain 420 calories. This is ok for most people. To know more about nutrition facts, check their official site, or you can ask them directly.

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